Karen Vazquez has been baking cakes for over 20 years. Blossoming from just a passionate love and hobby to becoming a multiple international award winning, published and nationally recognized cake designer.

How she started:
It was a class her senior year in High School that introduced this life long love affair. Since then she has competed in the wellknown Cake Challenge show from the Food Network as well as won over 10 international and national awards. Along this journey, Karen has had the blessed life of marrying her best friend and business partner, Ricardo Albertorio and has become the mother of two gorgeous children.

She once was not always a well-known cake artist. Her roots came from working as one of the top marketing P.R. for a company that dealt with some of the largest contracts in the advertising industry. It only took a few years for Karen to trade in her designer pumps for a brand new kitchen aid mixer and matching baking shoes.

Since throwing out her pumps and opening up the doors to Kakes by Karen; Karen spent the majority of the business’s infancy years training under some of the most acclaimed cake designers in the world. Such as: Elisa Strauss, Collette Peters, James Rosselle, and Master Sugar Artist, Nhora de la Pava.

Currently, besides taking care of her business and designing for publications, she also spends time mentoring and teaching students from all over the world. She believes that by giving of her knowledge, she can help others learn and keep the passion for cake art alive.

We welcome you to our love and passion for a dessert that draws an extremely fine line between art, passion, and cake.